Lamar Odom Net Worth

Lamar Odom Net Worth: $35 Million

Retired NBA star Lamar Odom has an estimated net worth of $35 million. His net worth was once larger. However, following a recent divorce in July 2015 from Khloe Kardashian, this number has taken a dip. Many believe his divorce costed him around $12 million.

Lamar Odom attended the University of Nevada at Las Vegas and transferred to the University of Rhode Island where he only played for 1 season. He was later drafted in 1999 by the Los Angeles Clippers but also played for the Miami Heat, LA Lakers, and the Dallas Mavericks. Here’s a look at his salary earnings throughout his career: (chart courtesy of

Season Team Lg Salary
1999-00 Los Angeles Clippers NBA $2,445,480
2000-01 Los Angeles Clippers NBA $2,628,960
2001-02 Los Angeles Clippers NBA $2,812,320
2002-03 Los Angeles Clippers NBA $3,557,585
2003-04 Miami Heat NBA $9,963,596
2004-05 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $10,548,596
2005-06 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $11,465,333
2006-07 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $12,348,596
2007-08 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $13,248,596
2008-09 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $14,148,596
2009-10 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $7,500,000
2010-11 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $8,200,000
2011-12 Dallas Mavericks NBA $8,900,000
2012-13 Los Angeles Clippers NBA $8,200,000
Career $115,967,658