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What Happened to YouTube Pranksters MoeAndET? Secret Revealed

YouTube Pranksters Jump On Kids’ Toy Channel Trend

With the recent decline of the YouTube prank scene popular pranksters have had to get really creative to continue their career. Earlier this year, YouTube pranksters were exposed entirely as a genre as all being fake. So popular prank channels such as MoeAndET, SoFlo and Coby Persin have disappeared. Or did they?

There is a huge trend on YouTube to entertain kids. This might involve playing with toys or even dressing up in super hero costumes and acting out weirdly scripted scenes. Either way the kids love it. So with a tarnished brand, YouTube pranksters can no longer use their popular faces to gain views on a video. So what did they do? Popular YouTubers MoeAndET (formerly OckTV) have jumped shipped and are taking a ride on the kids’ channel bandwagon.

There is a new new super hero channel called Toy Family that was started last year. It already has almost 200 million views. So who are the strange characters behind these masked adults putting on a show for kids? You guessed it, the infamous MoeAnd ET. In a recent video by H3H3 Productions he analyzed some of Toy Family’s videos and has discovered the people behind the masks and that they shoot a lot of scenes in Coby Persin’s house. Honestly, as weird as this channel may be it seems like they found a way to continue their success. Watch the full video below.

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