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VitalyzdTv Caught High Out of His Mind on Omegle

VitalyzdTv Caught on Video High Out of His Mind

In a video posted to YouTube by RiceGumStream he stumbles upon VitalyzdTv on Omegle. RiceGum just so happens to be live streaming so the whole encounter is caught on camera. In the video, Vitaly appears to be acting beyond strange and really high on something. The entire video is really awkward as it seems that RiceGum was thrown off guard by Vitaly’s weird acts and being unable to hold a conversation. At the 3:20 minute mark you’ll see that he offers RiceGum a nug of marijuana and at around the 10 minute mark he bends down out of the site of the camera and comes back and blows smoke in a funny taunting way.

Now VitalyzdTv’s strange acts in the video don’t come at a major surprise for those who watch his vlogs. However, this video definitely shows him in a different light. Watch the video below and judge for yourselves.

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