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Tyler Henry Net Worth

Tyler Henry Net Worth: $250,000

Famous reality show personality, Tyler Henry, has an estimated net worth of $250,000.  Henry is most known as The Hollywood Medium broadcasted on the E! Television Network.  After discovering his rare gift as a young teen, Henry started with giving readings as a clairvoyant to students and teachers at his high school in the small rural suburb of Hanford, California, just outside of Fresno.  He graduated High School on an accelerated academic program and had every intention of going to college, inspiring to become a hospice nurse.  However, he became quite popular with his unique ability and it was not long until he was “discovered”.  He gained a large clientele, especially among celebrities, and The Hollywood Medium was born.  Henry accepted the E! Network deal and began filming when he was just 19 years old.  After a successful premiere, E! ordered two additional episodes, making it 10 episodes total.  It was announced in March 2016 that there will be a second season.  Henry has given readings to numerous celebrities, such as Tom Arnold, Rob Dyrdek, Amber Rose, John Salley, Carmen Electra, Boy George, and Carnie Wilson.  Prior to Henry’s meetings, he does not know who he will be reading until he gets there, and so often because of his young age, is not familiar with who the celebrity is.  Henry has also said he will be releasing a new book, his first memoir revealing his life experiences as a medium.