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The Marina Joyce Kidnapping Controversy Explained #SaveMarinaJoyce

Is YouTuber, Marina Joyce, In a Life-Threatening Kidnapping Situation?

Marina Joyce is a famous British YouTuber with over 1 million subscribers and is known for dressing up like a cat and performing fashion and makeup tutorials. But lately there has a been a ton of controversy surrounding the 19 year old star with talks of a possible kidnapping or hostage situation. Over the last few months many of her fans have grown worried for Marina because of her sudden change of character in her videos. She was once known for being very relaxed, easy going and fun. Then abruptly, her videos began to seem forced, scripted and filled with a nervous paranoia.

After viewers noticed her sudden change in personality people began to dig deeper. Large bruises on her arm, repeating words over and over and lots of eyeballing to someone off camera as if to be looking for approval in a timid way. The controversy has gotten so out of hand that the hashtag #SaveMarinaJoyce was trending on Twitter at the #1 spot. She finally broke silence and decided to address the topic.

In the video below titled, “Date Outfit Ideas”, which has over 16 million views is where people really began to speculate. In the video you’ll see the back of her arm severely bruised. At the 13 second mark, many believe that there’s a whisper saying, “Help Me”. Also, there’s something behind the camera that she keeps glancing to. You then see a hand appear in the bottom left. Her answer for the person behind the camera is that it’s her mom giving her direction. However, her mom can be seen in one of her videos walking inside the house. Also, someone posted a photo of her being filmed and it’s by a man wearing all black which you can see below.

She first told the audience that the bruises were due to a sad moment that she doesn’t want to talk about during a YouNow livestream. She then gives a different answer to that question in an interview with Scarce, a big YouTube news channel, where says she got the bruise when “she fell in the woods”. She

Things got really serious when she tweeted that her fans should meet up with her at 6:30am at Bethnal Green to party. Well this party she was referring to isn’t scheduled until August 3rd. It looked really suspicious. People were specualting that it was a setup and many were warning others not to show up for their own safety. Even mega YouTube stars such as Alfie Deyes tweeted a warning.

marina-joyce-tweet-meetupalfie-deyes-tweet-marina-joyceEvery interview she has done addressing the situation has been really off. Remember, if there is something really going on whether she is being held hostage or in an abusive relationship, she’s not going to come out and just say it because a person in that situation is being threatened and is scared for their life. She continues to blink repeatedly as if really nervous or telling many lies. She looks off camera after every answer she gives as if she’s looking for approval that she is giving satisfying answers. She is constantly fidgeting and has a empty glare about her.

In her interview with Scarce she looks really nervous and paranoid. When she gives an answer that she seems unsure that it’s what she should have said she quickly follows it up with “I love all of you guys so much. I love you guys”. She also says that the reason for her sudden change is because she “grew up”. People aren’t accepting that as an answer because it’s so dismissive and unbelievable that you “grow up” overnight. Watch the interview with Scarce and Philip DeFranco below and make some judgements for yourself.

Is Marina Joyce on Drugs?

Another conspiracy people are left with is that Marina Joyce has gotten herself into drugs. All the same signs discussed above are also all signs of someone whom is battling a drug addiction. The repeating of words. The paranoia and nervousness. The fidgeting and hair touching. Even another big British YouTube star, Sam Pepper, took to Twitter to say that he personally knows her and that she has a drug problem. Either way she still needs help and support.

sam-pepper-marina-joy-drugssam-pepper-marina-joy-drugs-2What do you think? Do you agree with any of these theories? Do you think it’s something completely different like an illness she’s battling? Or do you think Marina Joyce is completely fine? Share your thought down below in the comments.