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Salomondrin Net Worth

Salomondrin Net Worth
Salomondrin on top of one of his expensive exotic cars (the reason why everyone is so curious about his net worth).

How Much Money Does Salomondrin Make?

Born and raised in Mexico, Salomondrin, has an estimated net worth of $15 million. He earned the majority of his net worth from the real estate business but started his success in the film industry. Now he gets paid driving and showing off expensive exotic cars on YouTube and Instagram.

First, lets start off by saying although he is most known by Salomondrin his real name is Alejandro Salomon. Alejandro was born in Mexico City on December 7, 1984. Alejandro has been acting and producing films since 2006 which is how he was able to launch his career.

Lets get into where the big money comes from. Salomondrin has a real estate company called Salomon Investment. Alejandro along with investors invest in real estate property around the world. This has earned Salomondrin millions and millions of dollars. His net worth, fleet of exotic cars and beautiful huge home show that.

Now with the huge audience for fancy cars he is able to upload videos to YouTube and make a really good side income from that now. In just two years Salomondrin has over 100 million views and over half of a million subs. He also has over half of a million followers on Instagram.

The income Salomondrin makes on YouTube definitely should not be overlooked. The car enthusiast brings in about 5 to 10 million views per month which earns him between $5,000 and $20,000 each and every month from this platform alone. His channel is also growing extremely fast so this revenue stream will blow up as well.

Might now sound like a lot of money for someone with such a large net worth. Well one of the best parts of YouTube is the exposure. With the massive audience that Salomondrin has it opens up tons of lucrative deals that you don’t get to see behind the scenes. Sort of like when a YouTuber stars in a movie. That happens because of his or her internet fame.

Lets Take a Look at Salomondrin’s Car Collection

Salomondrin is mostly known for his love for cars. You can just sense the incredible passion he has for the luxurious vehicles. Alejandro gets to drive a ton of beautiful and expensive super cars. But what about his own collection? It’s just as fascinating. Lets take a look…

Mercedes 4×4 Squared – $250,000
Porsche Carrera GT – $440,000
Porsche 911 R – $185,000
McLaren P1 – $1.1 Million
Rolls-Royce Wraith – $300,000
Rolls-Royce Phantom – $400,000
Volkswagen Beetle

Salomondrin’s House is Incredible

Salomondrin is currently leasing a beautiful home in Hidden Hills, California for $26,000 per month. Many believe Alejandro purchased the house but public records show that he is just leasing it. Take a look at the beautiful mansion below.


Photo source: @salomondrin

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  1. It’s not a P1,it’s a 675lt and he doesn’t own it anymore , and he also owns a G63 AMG, and the Rolls Royce is an Ghost Black Badge and a Panthom Drophead.

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