RunForTheCube Net Worth

RunForTheCube Net Worth: $45,000

Mystery YouTuber, RunForTheCube, has an estimated net worth of $45,000. He is known for having unusual videos where he sort of dissects different items with a scalpel and rubber gloves. Also, the main thing that will stand out when you watch RunForTheCube’s videos is the strange voice and style of talking that he uses. Many believe these videos are made for kids but parents tend to keep their kids away from this channel so the feelings are mixed. Recently, H3H3 Productions made a reaction video of the rat dissecting which brought in many subscribers and views to this channel.

The biggest request from fans is to do a face reveal. So many people are so curious as to what this person looks like and what his normal voice sounds like. Even some of the biggest mystery YouTubers’ faces, such as FunToyzCollector, have been revealed. Unfortunately, the owner of this channel has not yet been revealed.

Check out this awesome Santa video:


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