R.M. Drake Net Worth

R.M. Drake Net Worth: $317,000

The famous self-published writer, R.M. Drake, has an estimated net worth of $317,000.  R.M. Drake, which is an abbreviation for Robert Macias Drake, gained most of his popularity from celebrities posting his works on social media.  Some of these celebrities who took notice of his work are: Khole and Kylie Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Sophia Bush, Ludacris and Tom Brady.  Drake posts snippets of his work on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  Drake also published three books: Beautiful Chaos, Science: The stars in me are the stars in you, and Spaceship: A collection of quotes for the misunderstood.

Drake believes that his honest and personal words are what connect to people, and possibly what led him to successful.  Drake said, “The more I write things about myself the more that people relate to it.  At least on social media, people want to expose how they’re feeling and things they’re going through and that’s what my writing does.  It’s self-exploration and self-therapy.”  Perhaps Drake is naturally well versed at poetry because he learned to be in-tune with his inner feelings and emotions.  Drake admitted to being a victim of bullying for years in high school.  He said he put his angst and pain into writing.  Then he continued his interest in writing when he majored in Digital Media at Florida International University.  Even though Drake is very likable among celebrities and has a many followers, by no means has he allowed himself to become engulfed in all the fame and glory.  He still regularly stencils his writings on walls and sidewalks, mainly on the streets of Wynwood Miami.