RiceGum Makes Over $60,000 per month!!

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Bruce A. Staff asked 1 year ago

In a new video posted 3/12/17, RiceGum shows himself logging into his analytics on YouTube. For the month of February where there is only 28 days and he only posted 4 videos he made over $60,000. Rice also said that was one of his lowest earning months. That is crazy! What do you guys think about that?

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amirshah answered 7 months ago

Ricegum net worth approximatelyate $750,000 in 2017. The weird name Ricegum is the name of a Youtube channel owned by the famous Youtube personality Bryan Le. Bryan is an American gamer who chose to make a fortune with his passion. He started uploading gaming videos on his channel when he was in the early years of his teenage life. In 2015, one of his videos named These Kids Must Be Stopped went viral on the internet. That was where he got his mass recognition. In this video, Bryan criticized some of the internet kids that he thought were stupid and they must be stopped before it’s too late. 
source : Ricegum Net Worth

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