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MysticGotJokes Caught Faking Pranks

mysticgotjokes-fake-pranksIn a video uploaded in January popular YouTube prankster, MysticGotJokes, records a social experiment video called, “Is This Your Car!?”. In the video Mystic pays a man to watch over his car for a few minutes while he runs an errand. A girl then comes in and is really flattered by the car. The man who is supposed to be watching over the car then pretends that the car is his to get attention from the girl. Take a look at the original video below.

Now many have believed that MysticGotJokes has been faking his pranks and social experiments for quite some time. His videos come off as very scripted and acted. However, there’s never been any proof…. until now! There was a cell phone video leaked online and in it is a man recording MysticGotJokes filming this experiment. What you can see in the exposed video is the girl and cameraman standing right in front of Mystic talking to the man during the scene where he is paying him to watch his car. It sort of looks like a movie set waiting for the next action and actor to take next scene. In the video below you’ll see the actual footage with the breakdown of what’s going on.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against YouTube pranksters faking their pranks. It’s sort of an art putting together this funny short film for the sole purpose of entertainment for their viewers. And they get paid a ton to do so. The only problem I have is when they go so far out of their way to defend themselves and claim everything is real. That’s the equivalent of a movie Director claiming the zombies in his movie are real. We all know it’s fake but still watch it for entertainment.