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Kevin Hart Net Worth

Kevin Hart Net Worth: $140 million

The top earning comedian of 2016, Kevin Hart, has an estimated net worth of $140 million. Just in 2016 alone it is reported that Kevin Hart earned $87.5 million. He earned so much that for the first time in many years he knocked out Jerry Seinfeld from the number one spot who earned half of that amount. Born in Philadelphia in 1979, Kevin began his career performing at various comedy clubs. He then caught his first break in 2000 when he got a starring role in a TV series called Undeclared. From that point forward Kevin Hart never looked back. By 2012, he was starring in multiple Hollywood blockbuster roles year after year. He now has a standup movie premiering October 14th called What Now which he self-funded. When you put up your own money to create a movie the rewards are endless.