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John Hanke Net Worth

John Hanke Net Worth: $18 Million

The creator of Pokémon Go, John Hanke, has an estimated net worth of $18 million . He is the CEO behind the parent company called Niantic which he started while working at Google in 2014. John Hanke released Pokémon Go on July 6th and to much surprise has become an absolute smash hit. In fact, it broke all US records making it the most downloaded mobile game in United States history. His net worth will soon increase tremendously once the income from this viral app starts coming in since it’s only been a few weeks.

John Hanke graduated with his MBA from Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. He’s been a very successful individual from the very begining. While in school he co-founded, Keyhole, which was later acquired by Google for $35 million in 2004. This relationship with Google grew strong and he eventually became the Vice President of their Google Maps department.

How Much Money Does Pokemon Go Make?

Pokémon Go earns an astonishing amount of money. Although the app is free, the company generates revenue through in-app purchases as well as businesses paying a small fee to be listed as a place where people can find Pokémon. It has been reported that the Pokémon Go app generates $1.6 million per day. Yes, that’s is PER DAY! The app has only been live for a few weeks but assuming they maintain these insane figures they will generate $48 million per month and about $600 million per year. That is just absolutely mind blowing. Unfortunately, all this money has to be split up among all the companies involved. First you have Google and Apple who will each take a cut for their app listing fees. Then you have Nintendo, who is the owner of the Pokémon franchise, which will take their half of the profits. Last, the Pokémon Go founding company, Niantic, will take the other half.