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Joanna Gaines Net Worth

Joanna Gaines Net Worth
Joanna & Chip Gaines happy and smiling about their net worth.

Joanna Gaines Net Worth: $1.5 Million

Fixer Upper’s co-host, Joanna Gaines, has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.  Fixer Upper is one of HGTV’s newest and most popular series on television right now.  Joanna, along with her husband, Chip Gaines, have been flipping, fixing, and remodeling homes in Texas for over a decade.

Perhaps what makes this show a hit is their charismatic and yet fun loving relationship caught on camera.  Together, this entrepreneur couple has worked on over 100 homes and are the owners of Magnolia Homes.

The Gaines family not only offers a variety of residential and commercial remodeling; but they own a design and new home construction, real estate services, and own a charming home accessory and apparel boutique but Joanna and Chip are parents to four adorable children.  Amazingly, Fixer Upper has been able to capture the Gaines’ everyday family life on their farmhouse and how running their business as a family has truly proven to pay off. Buy Joanna Gaines products here.

How Much Does Joanna Gaines Make Per Episode?

It has been reported that Chip and Joanna Gaines earn about $30,000 per episode of Fixer Upper. Even more amazing is that every aspect of the show comes from one of their companies so their earning pretty much every dollar spent. For example, they own their own realty so any house commission goes in their pockets.

They own their own construction and design company so all of the renovation budget goes in their pockets. Oh, and the furnishings and decor? Those just happen to come from their store too. You get the picture! Now you know how Joanna Gaines net worth has hit the millions.

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