Jesse Wellens Net Worth

Jesse Wellens Net Worth: $4.2 Million

YouTube star Jesse Wellens is the ideal example of internet success with a net worth of $4.2 million dollars. Jesse used to be one-half of a YouTube duo alongside his ex-girlfriend, Jeana Smith. Together this couple has amassed an incredible online following. The couple reached stardom with their famous prank channel, PrankvsPrank, where they have over 1.7 billion views and over 10 million subscribers. Their wildly popular vlog channel, BFvsGF, has over 2.7 billion views and over 9 million subscribers. Since the powerful YouTube couple has split up, their earnings and net worth are now separated. Although it isn’t certain, it seems as though Jesse has taken over the prank channel as his own and Jeana has taken over the vlog channel as her own. He also has two other channels, ChipChocolate and a gaming channel called DownRangeGaming.

Photo source: @jessewelle