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Jake Paul Net Worth

Jake Paul Net Worth
Jake Paul staring off into the horizon wondering if his net worth will ever hit $10 million.

Jake Paul Net Worth: $4 Million

(Last Updated: 6/22/17)

Super popular YouTuber, Jake Paul, has an estimated net worth of $4 million. He started his channel in January 2017 and already has over 7 million subscribers in just less than a year. That is incredible! Jake is also an actor appearing on a Disney channel TV show.

Jake Paul is one of the fastest growing YouTubers of all time. The numbers that he is generating is mind-blowing. From music videos to vlogs he is plowing through the competition.

Jake Paul was born January 17, 1997 in Westlake, Ohio. The internet sensation is also the younger brother of Logan Paul.

Jake Paul

7,045,039 subscribers 1,035,765,522 views

Photo source: @jakepaul

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