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Jake Paul is a Scumbag | Exposed By Alissa Violet

Alissa Violet Exposes Jake Paul

Ex-Girlfriend Alissa Violet Speaks the Truth About Jake Paul and It Exposes Him as the Real Person He Is

Recently, there has been a ton of drama going on with Jake Paul especially regarding the whole relationship he had with Alissa Violet. However, no one knew the details behind all of the chaos.

Alissa Violet starts off her video by explaining how she met Jake Paul, ended up in LA and how much in love she was in with him. He really seemed to have lured her in and definitely lead her on.

…After about 6 months of that and like just texting non-stop. He was like yo why don’t you just come to LA. I was like what? What do you mean? There’s no way. He was like well why don’t you just fly out here for like 2 weeks and you know just see how it is, if you like it. And I can introduce you to a bunch of my friends. I can introduce you to modeling agencies and we can kind of like just get the ball rolling on this whole Team 10 thing. Alright lets do it. I flew out to LA for 2 weeks. We were kind of, we weren’t together but we were definitely a thing. It was like the cutest 2 weeks of my entire life. It was so adorable. He was so sweet to me. We started to like really like each other…. After the 2 weeks is up, I thank Jake and Logan for letting me stay with them and having the best 2 weeks of my life. I flew back home to Ohio. Fast forward to summer 2015, I packed all my sh*t up, bought a new car, drove out here with my mom and started living in LA. At that point, Jake and I were still kind of like together on and off…. I was head over heels for this kid. I would do anything for him.

-Alissa Violet

Alissa then goes on to explain the business side of things which she was blinded to because of her being in love with Jake. He really seems to screw over his team and the people he works with. I completely understand that because of his huge audience he is able to make a career out of the people he works with. That’s where the whole taking 20% of everyone’s revenue comes from. Not a huge deal. There are hundreds of YouTube networks that do the same thing. But for 5 years? That’s a little over the top.


5 Years is a very long time for someone to be signed to his company. What he’s doing is making sure that he’s able to keep his hand in their pot for a very large part of his career. This network he create is called Team 10. All the YouTubers you see around him all the time are all there because he’s controlling every single thing they do like a big group of puppets. And unfortunately for them they are stuck in this situation.

What is even worse? The strict regimen he forces these people to do. I mean he makes them start filming each day by 10am or else they were fined? Sounds sort of like a sweat shop to me and also a prison.

I had signed a contract for 20% of my life for 5 years because I believed in him and he believed in me. We move into the Team 10 house and he creates these rules for everyone. If you’re not up by 10 am filming then you get fined $50. No alcohol at the house or you get fined $500. No smoking. Every single guest you had over had to be approved by Jake.

-Alissa Violet

The most disgusting and heart broken moment is when Alissa Violet explains how Jake would use her sexually. She explains how they would sleep together and be together like a couple but constantly sleep with other women right in front of her. He would literally kick her out of the bedroom, bring another girl in and sleep with her. According to Alissa, this happened over and over again. This is supposed to be the big YouTube star that millions of kids look up to? He is a disgrace.

During the summer I moved out here him and I were together but we weren’t like dating officially but we were kind of like together. I would always see how he was hanging around all these girls and whatever. Oh like whatever I didn’t really think anything of it. He would always say like we’re not together so it’s not cheating. Just stuff like that. Around November of 2015, I was living in the model apartments but I had to move out of there. Jake was like why don’t you just move in with me. I was like oh yeah that would be lit lets do it.

I moved in with him, we’re sleeping in the same bed. Basically together at this point but without a title. And he would always have girls over in front of me. And I was just like, the frick? So yeah we’re not together but he would just like play all these mind games with me. He was always like, yo don’t get mad I’m having a girl over. And he did that like 25,000 times. I would be in our room editing or doing something. Then all of a sudden he would just walk in and be like yo can you leave please for like 2 hours. I’m having a girl over and we’re going to hang out in here. I was like okay. I was heart broken. But I never showed it because… and he would do that all the time.

So then as time goes on he just brings more girls over. Then he would be with me. Then he would have a girl over. Then 2 days later he would be with me. Then we’d be together then not be together. Then we’d fight and I’d be pissed because he would bring girls over. He didn’t think he was doing anything wrong. I was like you can’t just be with me one night then the next night treat me like sh*t and bring a girl over. I let it happen because I was so head over heels. Whatever makes him happy…. He told me all this stuff. He told me he loved me one night. But then a couple days later he flew out this girl from Ohio. They were like hooking up in Ohio. He was smashing her for like a week. That was just a few days after he told me he loved me. How could you do that to someone?

There’s nothing I can do about it. It’s his house. I’m in a contract with him. I’m basically where I’m at because of him. I didn’t realy have a place to tell him he was wrong even though he was really really wrong. That happened all the time. I had to look these girls in the eyes and know that they were hooking up with Jake. I would be in the kitchen cooking food and I would hear them upstairs *clap clap clap*. I could literally hear it. You know what that does to a person that you love. And you can hear him banging these girls upstairs.

-Alissa Violet

Watch the full Jake Paul expose video below.

Be warned that she is emotionally scarred and the video is a little tough to watch because you can feel her pain.


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