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Fousey vs Vitaly | The Drama Unfolds

Reporting the Full Beef and Story Between Vitaly and Fousey as the Drama Unfolds

Yousef Erakat better known as FouseyTube or now just Fousey and Vitaly Zdorovetskiy better known as VitalyZdTV or just Vitaly have just started a major beef. There has always been tension between the two in the air for the past few years. People had their theories but no one truly knew why.

Back in 2014, both of these former YouTube pranksters were in the prime of the prank era. The two quickly became close friends once they met. Fousey’s vlog channel back then was called Dose of Fousey. After meeting Vitaly, fans saw him a lof on the vlog. They even planned a trip to Brazil together for the World Cup. But after the Brazil trip, Vitaly suddenly disappeared from Fousey’s life.

This left many fans wondering and speculating about what happened to the two YouTubers. Recently, there’s been a new trend with people boxing each other started by the YouTube legend KSI. Fousey saw the opportunity and decided to call out the YouTuber who he has had heated tension with for the past few year.

Well, on March 1, 2018 Fousey posted the first video calling out Vitaly. In the video he basically hints at what’s to come in the next few videos where he exposes Vitaly’s past. Here’s the first video.

Exposing Vitaly for Fake Pranks, Abuse, Steroids

Within minutes Vitaly responded on Twitter with a really interesting response and also throwing out allegations. Take a look…


Fousey responded on Twitter:


The internet quickly went nuts. Now what makes Vitaly’s response video so interesting is what he said about Fousey. He exposed his addiction.

For many years, maybe since 2014 or 2015, Fousey has always discussed an addiction he had. Something that was really bad. Something he needed to seek therapy for. But he refused to let anyone ever know what the addiction actually was. Fans continuously speculated… drugs… women… alcohol… gambling. The list went on and on.

Vitaly finally spilled the beans about Fousey’s addiction. He’s apparently addicted to Backpage prostitutes and happy endings at massage parlors. Now, when this video was first released we all thought that Vitaly could be making it up. Well, the story gets even better. Fousey posted the second video below. In the video, he addresses the addiction accusations but never denies it. Instead, he admits that he goes to therapy for it.

YouTuber Vitaly Sexually Assaulted Women in Brazil

In the video above, he focuses on exposing Vitaly in Brazil and raping a prostitute. He even posted this photo below on his Twitter.


You can only imagine how crazy this made Vitaly. Angrily, he took to Twitter with this response video below:

This 2nd response video from Vitaly isn’t as interesting because he brings up the same stuff, steroids and Fousey’s addiction to prostitutes. But the Tweets below are really interesting because it seems like Fousey is starting to get to him. He might be melting down, especially after the rape allegations.


Fousey has some more words of his own on Twitter. Take a look:


Note: More updates will follow as the story unfolds. Stay tuned!

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