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Drake Net Worth

Drake Net Worth
Drake posing in his Bentley which he can definitely afford with his net worth.

Drake Net Worth: $100 Million

Today’s most popular rapper and hip hop singer, Drake, has an estimated net worth of $100 million. The Canadian rapper came up in the game in an unconventional way. Most artists will build a little buzz and sign to a major record label. Drake had a similar approach but put a much bigger gamble on himself.

He began releasing mixtapes and the streets couldn’t get enough. He built a buzz so big that the record labels were fighting over him and Drake had all the leverage. What this allowed was for him to not only get a huge record deal but also be picky in who he would sign with.

Drake made the right move by signing to the hottest rapper at the time, Lil Wayne, who had a label under Cash Money. Buy Drake merchandise and music here.

This proved to be the right move as Drake continues to explode as the biggest rapper in the industry and even breaking records when record sales are hard to come by.

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