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Donald Trump Net Worth

Donald Trump Net Worth
Donald Trump is secretive about his net worth but we attempted to give it our best estimate.

Donald Trump Net Worth: $4.5 Billion

American business man and 45th United States President, Donald Trump, has an approximate net worth of $4.5 billion. With recent release of financial details surrounding his run for presidency there has been a lot of speculation around Donald Trump’s actual net worth.

Trump is claiming that his personal net worth is double what most people believe it to be at around $9.5 billion. He’s making his claims based on what he personally feels his “Trump” brand is worth. Now this is a hard number to grasp because it’s all hypothetical. This means that using his name for the sake of branding is worth billions of dollars according to Donald. That is where the major discrepancy lies.

How Much is Donald Trump Worth?

With recent PR issues surrounding his remarks against illegal immigrants Donald Trump has lost many major deals including the televising of his Miss America beauty pageant. Will this hurt his overall net worth, his branding, or his business image? Only time will tell.

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