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Danielle Lombard Net Worth, Ethnicity and Bio

Danielle Lombard Net Worth: $300,000

Small business owner and contestant on The Bachelor, Danielle Lombard, has an estimated net worth of $300,000. This 28 year old was born in San Jose, CA but grew up in Danville, CA and currently lives in Los Angeles. She opened up her own business called, Crafts Creamery, at the young age of 23. The successful ice cream shop is located in Danville, CA with lots of details listed on her social media pages and website listed below.

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Danielle Lo’s Ethnicity

Danielle’s ethnicity is half Chinese and the other half is made up of English, Irish, German and Austrian. Also, her height is 5’5″ and she has done a lot of modeling in the past such as The Chive and other major brands.

Excited for my 28th year! Let the journey continue

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