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How Much DaddyOfFive Makes on YouTube

Family YouTube prank channel, DaddyOfFive, has an estimated net worth of $300,000. This family started their channel in August 2015 and currently have over 750,000 subscribers and over 175 million views.

Recently, the controversial parents behind Daddy of Five have been in very hot water. It all started when Philip DeFranco created a news video on his main channel pointing out the extreme verbal and physical abuse the kids in this family were receiving.

It all started with the family’s most recent prank. In the video the parents squirt fake ink all over the carpet then pretend to blame the kids for it. Now that’s not the worst part. During the blame the kids begin crying and promising that they did not do this but the parents continue to yell and swear at the kids in a very aggressive loud manner. Just watch Philip DeFranco’s video below to get your visuals:


After this video surfaced many major news sources picked up the story. When a story like this receives massive media attention people begin to dig deeper. They found that in other videos on their DaddyOfFive channel the parents can be seen physically abusing their children to a point where the kids bleed and cry for help.

Other big YouTube channels are even shedding light on the situation such as H3H3 Productions. Just watch the video below featuring Steve-O.


Since all the media attention, the parents of the kids have been receiving so much negative attention that the family has decided to delete all of their videos from their channel. The only video they currently have public is an “apology” video. In this apology video they claim that their videos are staged and fake and the kids love what their doing. Philip DeFranco responded to this video as well. I love the way Philly D explains the situation because he does it in such a neutral informative way so that the audience can make their own decision on the situation. Just watch below:


Photo source: We The Unicorns

Last updated: 4/20/17

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