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Cleveland Cavaliers Celebrate Their Emotional 2016 NBA Finals Win With Locker Room Champagne Spraying and Goggles

Cleveland Cavaliers Locker Room Celebration

According to history, all odds were against the Cleveland Cavaliers after falling 3-1 against the Golden State Warriors in the 2016 NBA Finals. No team had ever come back from this deficit. LeBron James refused to let this blur his focus. In true LeBron fashion, there were points in the games when he single-handedly took control on both sides of the court. Along with his right-hand man, Kyrie Irving, they were able to dominate the last three games of the series. All the puzzle pieces seemed to flawlessly fit together even when bench players needed to step up in a big way they simply delivered.

The Warriors sometimes seem to rely heavily on their 3-point capabilities. When the Cavs were able to remove that aspect of their game Steph Curry and his teammates at times looked chaotic and sort of lost. And after a 52 year drought the Cleveland Cavaliers were able to secure their victory after a close game 7.

Emotions were overflowing as the team celebrated in a quiet arena. But when the Cavs hit the locker room things got intense. Watch this awesome video of the Cleveland Cavaliers celebrating in their locker room.