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Listing of YouTubers net worth. Check how much your favorite YouTuber is worth, how rich they are and how much money they make from YouTube.


Connor Murphy

Connor Murphy is a YouTube star with a net worth of about $115,000. He started his channel January 2016 and already has over half of a million subscribers. Connor Murphy has gained a lot of attention for his physique and using it to lure people to his videos.

Connor Murphy

526,773 subscribers


Photo source: @ConnorMurphyOfficial


Christian DelGrosso Net Worth

Christian DelGrosso Net Worth: $400,000

Big YouTuber and Instagram personality, Christian DelGrosso, has an estimated net worth of $400,000. He started his channel in December 2013 and has over 50 million views. Christian also has over 3 million followers on Instagram.

Photo source: @Christian

Christian DelGrosso

938,920 subscribers



Jake Paul Net Worth

Jake Paul Net Worth: $800,000

Super popular YouTuber, Jake Paul, has an estimated net worth of $800,000. He started his channel in January 2017 and already has over 2 million subscribers in just less than a month. That is incredible! Jake is also an actor appearing on a Disney channel TV show.

Photo source: @jakepaul

Jake Paul

2,069,957 subscribers



Lilly Singh Net Worth | Superwoman

Superwoman Net Worth: $3.5 Million

Lilly Singh is known for her YouTube persona SuperWoman has an estimated net worth of $3.5 million. She has been growing at a tremendous rate with her popular venting-style videos that everyone can relate to. She is also known for her skits and music as well. YouTubers earn their money through ads placed no their videos. Therefore, the more views a person receives on their videos the more they earn.

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Her main channel, IISuperwomanII, has over 1.6 billion views and over 10.5 million subscribers. She also has a vlog channel with over 200 million views and over 1.7 million subs. With these numbers you can easily see how she has amassed such a big net worth, especially for someone who uploads videos to YouTube.

Photo source: @iisuperwomanii