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5 Best Family Vloggers on YouTube


The Best Family Vloggers on YouTube That You Should Subscribe To

YouTube vlogs are the new reality TV. Watching family vloggers on YouTube is such a huge trend right now because it provides daily entertainment and a look into other family lives.

People enjoy it because for the most part the vlogs aren’t scripted like regular cable television. It’s also about building a connection because the YouTubers behind the camera are just like you and I… for the most part. Here is a look at the 5 best family vloggers on YouTube that you should be watching.


House of Five follows the everyday lives of a young family from California. The Mom and Dad, Bruce and Raelynn, have three children, Cason, London and another baby on the way.

(2) RomanAtwoodVlogs

Many people know about Roman Atwood and his family by now. Roman vlogs his everyday life with his girlfriend Brit and 3 children. His audience is very diverse because he provides the family aspect mixed with tons of non-stop entertainment.

(3) The Ace Family

One of the fastest growing YouTube family vlog channels is taking the internet by storm. They have been gaining millions of subscribers month after month. The family features Austin, Catherine and their daughter Ellie.

(4) The Johnson Family

If you’re looking for another up and coming YouTube family channel then The Johnson Family is the one for you. Their family includes parents, Jeff and Natalia, and their kids, Liv and Pey.

(5) Pantons Squad

Pantons Squad is another great family YouTube channel. The family includes Don, Malinda YaYa and Dj. Check them out for some good entertainment.

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